Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Flame Enterprise offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade to every newest versions according to the releasing of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have the professional teams who has more than 15 years experiences in developing and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV for every old versions to newest release versions from Microsoft partner. Our upgrade toolkits are further advantages and cover every versions than Microsoft offer.

Our upgrade experiences:

  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 to NAV 2013 and 2015
  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.3 to NAV 2015
  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 to NAV 2017
  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 R2, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and 2013 R2 to NAV 2015 and 2016
  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to NAV 2016 and 2017
  • Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 to NAV 2017

In last 5 years we has already been upgraded for 59 clients in every versions for our clients who is the most biggest Microsoft partner in Germany.

All upgrade are cover:

  • Upgrade Form to Pages
  • Upgrade Classic NAV reports to RDLC (we has been upgraded/ developed more than three thousand reports including most complicated documents reports)
  • Upgrade DataPort to XMLPort
  • Upgrade MenuSuite (Based on our tools it will be automatically fill-in the page typs, department and every related languages of captionML) on your business MenuSuite
  • Development and customization including add-on integrate
  • Keep your original codes to newest version by using our automated upgrade tools
  • From 2009 we upgrade in every target version in one step

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development and Services

We have the professional teams who has at least 7 years experiences in Microsoft Dynamics NAV development. In the same time, the two CEO founders of company they actually has experiences in Microsoft Dynamics NAV developments and managing NAV projects more than 15 years. Based on this experiences you can be sure 100% that your given projects will be save time, save budget, meet the requirements and schedule.

Lift your Solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Repeatability

In the last Verisons of Microsft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft start the "Road to Repeatability". Main concept is to encapsulate your Development from Core Code and make your Solution ready for the cloud. The exncapsulate make it more easy for you to upgrade your customer or implemente the Commulitive Update from Microsoft Dynamcis NAV. To reach this Microsoft add Events and Extensions to the Application. To use events or extensions change the way of coding. We can support you to add this changes to your Solution. We will move as much as possible for your solution to events or extension. This is not done by automatic tools, it is done by full-fledged developer.

Performance Analysis Through SQL Management Studio tools.

A common cause of slow SQL Server performance is a heavy database application workload—the nature of the queries themselves. Thus, to analyze the cause of a system bottleneck, it is important to examine the database application workload and identify the SQL queries causing the most stress on system resources. To analyze and tuning-up the performance of physical database we use different tools for the better performances. Our strength is the combination of C/Side knowledge and the behaviour of SQL Server.

  • Analyze SQL Server workload and identify costly SQL queries
  • Combine the baseline measurements with data collected
  • Analyze the processing strategy of a costly SQL query using Management Studio
  • Identifying code in Dynamics NAV that leads to performance problems
  • Optimize Code or guide you to found the right solution
  • Analyze the effectiveness of index

Our Warranty

  • We make sure that all data will be migrate into target database with a 0% missing
  • All pages will be run 100% without errors by using our automated tesing tools.
  • All Classic report will be upgrade to RDLC keeping original look like up to 95%
  • All code changes will be correctly upgrade 100% by using our automated modules analysis
  • A heavy database with old structure of Dimensions and all relavant related user's table will be faster upgrade to new structure.
  • Save time, save budget and meet the schedule requirements 100%.
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