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FLAME Enterprise team having huge long term experience in implementation and all development cycle for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All of our team members are achieving in Microsoft certificated in all development cycle. We have long years experiences in serving our clients in European countries with the European standards. We developed and implement for customers in diffrences vertical products, such as Food industry, Furniture, Palsstic, Engineering, Construction, Industry and Print business. Our experience makes us confidence in planning and we always reached the target time as it planned.

We are as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV provider, we work closely with our clients, understanding in the business processes and very familiar with higher expectation standards. For this reason, that why our customers are satisfied in our services for more than ten years and continuous.

In every upgrade bring you a diffrence kind of issues?
We have collected a solutions for all upgrade issues since our experience has been start, there are guarantee by 103 upgrade projects in diffrences kind of business in last 5 years. Our recent upgrade project, the database size are exceed 1TB with the containing more than 150 companies in one database.That might not a favors task for the other partner, but for us its our familiar task like a routine jobs.
How long it take when you makes live upgrade for every heavy database?
Doesn't matter anymore, our upgrade service are implement based on Powershell script, it was automatic run in the background during your sleeping times (in case your upgrade are takes overnight)

How to handle a million records of data Dimensions and related User's table from old NAV structure to the newer versions during data migration? Sound slowly, complex and takes much times in upgrade steps, moreover, still unsure if it cover by Microsoft upgrade toolkit.
Tell us, it job is became to our simply task, our upgrade tools makes much easier than you expected.

From our experience, upgrade and develop NAV Classic reports to RDLC, it takes times up to 90% of all upgrade steps, even though the limitation of complex structure of the document reports wasn't disappear?
There is a solutions for you to avoid this bottlenecks. With our tool to upgrade Dynamics NAV Report, will save much times and budget, but still keep original look like up-to 95% From pasted 10 years we has already been upgraded/ developed more than three thousand reports for our clients in Germany. Try to share your complicated reports to us?
The upgrade projects regularly expensive! Tell us, we can serving it task with higher quality but still less cost than general development market.

A heavy database application bring a slowly in your operations?
We help you to examine the bottlenecks in your application database and identify the SQL queries, causing with the most stress on your system resources. To analyze and tuning-up the performances of physical database, we use the extended events and SQL Management Studio along with performance analysis expert tools.


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